Why ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is required for Growing Business?

Delivery of ERP implementation to match your business needs

Product Management

Provisioning of Products with the key attributes

Supplier specific pricing for a given Product


Raising of Purchase Orders (PO) with different suppliers

Costs specific to suppliers

Supplier specific terms and conditions

Expected Delivery date tracking

Purchase Order output in PDF format

Sales / Distribution

Sale orders for the Products

Sale orders based on the inventory availability only

Back orders support

Inventory Management

Inwarding of Purchase orders

Multiple shipments for a PO can be inwarded

Outwarding inventory to other facilities within the same business

Goods Receipt Note (GRN) support

Inwarding against Sales returns


Payment receivables tracking

Automated notifications

Payable tracking

Statutory payments tracking

Profit and Loss accounting


Support for Manufacturing and Assembly Items

Auto Creation of Work Orders in the System

Issuing components to the Workorders

Fine tuning the Consumption at the end of Production run

Costing per work order



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Multiple Warehouse Offices Y /N

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